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Who we are

Mortimer Blum Ltd is a leading relations-based European consulting company dedicated to projects in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC): The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain, The United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, and The Emirate of Qatar.

The company operates in several areas from technology transfer and project management, to supporting business relations between GCC and European entities. Mortimer Blum Ltd deeply understands that in the long term, business should be based on relations, a human approach and personal trust.

Mortimer Blum’s distinct competencies are based on the company’s years of experience, as well as the global presence of our shareholders and experts. Mortimer Blum has direct and indirect contacts and cooperation with companies from different sectors: industry, energy, petrochemical and refinery, IT, agriculture, food distribution, medical and education. 

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We are a member of Asemea:

European Society for the Development of Relations and Economic Cooperation with the Countries of Asia, the Middle East and Africa is a non-governmental non-profit organization supporting the development of international cooperation. It was created with the aim of constantly increasing cross-border trade. Its aim is to create conditions for the exchange of contacts, knowledge and experience of its members in the field of cooperation with non-European countries and the opening of new development paths for Polish companies on the Asian, African and Middle East markets.

Why we are distnigished

For us, valid values are important, not idealized theoretical reality.

  • experience as DNA
  • optimism as DNA
  • passion as DNA
  • fast decision-making process as DNA
  • always proactive strategy as DNA
  • honesty as DNA
  • credibility as DNA

For me, the most fun is change or growth. There are definitely elements of both that I like. Launching a business is kind of like a motorboat: You can go very quickly and turn fast

– Tony HsiehCEO of