Gulf region offers unique possibilities for brave and talented.

The energy sector in GCC needs modernization and continuous maintenance; all Gulf countries develop solar energy business and spend billions of USD for projects, equipment and technologies with perspective to grow because of natural resources of sunny climate.

Water production and distribution technologies, waste water, clean technologies and processing. Desalination is the main source of water for individual usage, communities, and industries. The strategic network of water transport systems counts in Saudi Arabia only 8 000 km + 3500 km in planning processes. Expected investments are about 15 bilions of USD. This region needs to know how to use technologies to develop wastewater management.

Saudi companies outsource construction, modernization, and maintenance of installations in the petrochemical and refinery sectors—billions of USD to win.

GCC countries need food. Fifty mln of citizens and expats are looking for fresh and processed top quality products. Import is promising but in the short term, much better is to offer cooperation in agriculture technologies.

The GCC countries need more know-how about specific food production and processing, packaging, and logistics of fresh long distances. Companies are looking for technologies that can be used in domestic production, e.g., hydroponic, vertical gardens. 

Mortimer Blum Ltd has a number of contacts in these sectors

Saudi Arabia develops enormous investments in the environment: Green Riyadh project aims to change the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into a place with many more gardens, trees, and green leisure areas. The project will support making the city climate more friendly. Another plan is to put ten mln trees in the biggest cities of Saudi Arabia.

Education, medical care, and many others also welcome any initiative of cooperation.