Project Scope, Time and Cost Management

Mortimer Blum Virtual Class training program
- delivered by PMI Global Registered Education Provider.

July, 1 – 2, 2020
July, 21 – 22, 2020

3.1 Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the PMI planning processes
  • Describe the major deliverables of the planning processes
  • Describe the major components of a project execution plan
  • Use extensively the WBS to define and manage the scope of the project
  • Understand the concepts and tools used in project scheduling
  • Discuss different techniques used in estimating activity durations
  • Explain the concepts of the resource breakdown structure (RBS)
  • Explain how does the RBS relate to the WBS
  • Define the critical role of the RBS in project planning specially in estimating
  • Introduce the concepts of estimating models and their applications
  • Discuss the analogous model of estimating
  • Discuss the parametric model of estimating
  • Discuss the bottom-up model of estimating
  • Estimate and control project costs
  • Develop a time-phased project budget
  • Implement an earned value project management system


  • Useful and readily applicable tools
  • Consistent professional terminology in the field of project management
  • An international expert available for consultation (during and after the training course)
  • Sharing experience with other participants and opportunity for business networking
  • Improving your business English skills
  • Bilingual training materials with additional reference materials.

3.2 Course topics

  1. Project Scope Management
  • Define project scope management
  • Identify project scope management processes
  • Create a work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Describe the role of WBS in project planning
  • Use a WBS development checklist
  1. Project Time Management
  • Define project time management
  • Identify project time management processes
  • Perform network analysis
  • Compress project duration
  • Understand the basic concepts of critical chain scheduling method
  • Examine schedule levels and scheduling tools
  1. Project Cost Management
  • Define project cost management
  • Identify project cost management processes
  • Establish estimating terminology
  • Create a resource breakdown structure
  • Describe the estimating process
  • Describe the different classes of cost estimates and their uses
  1. Monitoring and Controlling Projects
  • Establish a dependable project monitoring and control system
  • Describe project scope, time, and cost monitor and control processes
  • Use the earned value management system approach to monitor and control a project
  • Examine sample project reports.