Integration Change Management with Project Management

Mortimer Blum Virtual Class training program
- delivered by PMI Global Registered Education Provider.

July, 1 – 2, 2020
July, 21– 22, 2020

2.1. Course Objectives

  • Analyse the purpose of the change.
  • Analyse the impact of the change.
  • Identify the change enables and barriers.
  • Develop the change management plan.
  • Develop a transition plan to help people successfully deal with the change.
  • Conduct a risk analysis for the change management plan.
  • Execute the change management plan.
  • Ensure knowledge management integrity.
  • Conduct a change management retrospective after the project.

2.2 Benefits:

By the end of the course, participants will develop the following core competencies:

  • The ability to analyse, synthesize and predict the impact of strategic decisions.
  • The management of research methods, procedures and processes in the field of strategic management and development of critical thinking and self-critical review.
  • The ability to integrate knowledge from strategic management to solve problems in a larger multidisciplinary context.
  • The ability to explain their own viewpoints and decisions, and take into account criticism and comments of colleague.The ability to demonstrate support for organizational changes needed to improve the organization’s effectiveness; initiating, sponsoring, and implementing organizational change; helping others to successfully manage organizational change.
  • The ability to effectively communicate with and motivate stakeholders impacted by the change and manage.
  • The ability to apply teamwork and team-building knowledge and skills.
  • The ability to express oneself clearly in conversations and interactions with others. 
  • This traning will preapre you for the PMP® Exam!

2.3 Course Topics

Unit 1. Fundamentals of Integrating Change Management and Project Management

  • Identify the role of strategic renewal in propelling change.
  • Discuss the impact of managing change on project value delivery.
  • List factors that may cause slow or incomplete adoption of change in an organization.
  • Discuss the five dimensions of integrating project management and change management.

Unit 2. Analyse Change Impact

  • Identify areas of change.
  • Differentiate the three faces of change.
  • Determine if change management is needed.
  • Identify all barriers or enablers associated with key stakeholders.
  • Discuss the sources of resistance and support for change.
  • Identify and prioritize risks inherent to the change.

Unit 3. Determine the Organization’s Change Enablers and Barriers

  • Review historical enablers and barriers to change.
  • Assess the organization’s current change capacity.
  • Assess the availability and quality of change sponsors and champions.
  • Assess the capacity of individuals to manage change.
  • Discuss how people adjust to change model.

Unit 4. Develop and Execute the Organizational Change and Transition Management Plans

  • Plan the change management activities (WBS).
  • Clarify that responsibility for all change management results are clear.
  • Integrate change management activities with project schedule.
  • Review and approve the change management plan.
  • Develop the transition management plan.

Execute change and transition management plans.