Individual Assessment Tool

Challenge yourself in scope of the Project Management before the PMP certification

Price: only 150 USD

Project Management Individual Assessment Tool (IAT) enables the assessment of the professional knowledge of the project managers and project team members in the context of PMI standards and project management best practices described in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® (PMBOK® Guide).

IAT test has been developed based on the Project Manager Competency Development Framework, an official PMI® publication. It defines the three major dimensions of the project managers’ competence assessment: knowledge, performance, personal.

The IAT test enables the verification of the competences in the first of these dimensions – knowledge and partly in the performance dimension.  

IAT consists of 120 questions and is available on-line, and in two language versions: English or Polish.

The quantitative results of the assessment enable to confront the actual level of knowledge and project management capabilities with the benchmark level, i.e. the level required to pass PMP® certification exam.


IAT may be used as a pre-test during the initial stage of the development of the competence development paths for project managers, enabling the assessment of the initial level of knowledge in ten knowledge areas defined in PMBOK® Guide as well as seven additional categories related with every project manager’s key skills:

  1. Project integration management
  2. Project scope management
  3. Project time management
  4. Project cost management
  5. Project quality management
  6. Project human resource management
  7. Project communication management
  8. Project risk management
  9. Project procurement management
  10. Project stakeholders management
  1. Practical cases
  2. Tools and techniques
  3. Work breakdown structure
  4. Network diagrams
  5. Earned value management technique
  6. Calculations


The quantitative results of the test enable to indicate the areas of required improvement and to plan on optimized development path. Upon the completion of the educational process the participants retake the IAT test in order to assess the achieved improvement of project management knowledge.


The individual report developed based on the test result analysis includes:

  • A numerical and graphical summary of the results:

– the average result (in %)

– the results in each individual knowledge area (in %)

– the results in each individual additional category (in %)

  • A comparison of individual results and the level required to pass PMP® exam
  • An indication of the knowledge areas and skills requiring improvement
  • Recommended training courses that may improve the knowledge and skills
  • A list of recommended literature.


Approach to Presenting Results

The results of test participants are compared to the reference level of 61 percent, which is used as the benchmark at the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification examination. This level was defined as a benchmark level of expertise in each knowledge area. The expertise assessment is a difference between the reference level and the actual score in each knowledge area, expressed in percentage points.

Exceeding the reference level in a given knowledge area or category is not equivalent to achieving the absolute and full expertise in such domain. It would be an over interpretation, considering the fact that every knowledge area is represented by a rather limited number of questions, which cannot represent all the aspects of knowledge in a given area and are of a very selective nature. At the same care was taken to pick the questions in a most representative way, ensuring that they cover the widest possible range of concepts and topics. This enables to make a reliable assessment and develop consistent recommendations for the purpose this tool was developed, providing that the participants meet the abovementioned requirements.