The fastest growing business trend in the Middle East

E-commerce is the fastest growing business trend in the Middle East. Mortimer Blum offers technology and transfer of experience in shifting from offline shopping to online shopping. E-commerce is recognized as a strategic target of the digital transformation among the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

Mortimer Blum knows that building e-commerce starts with identifying the business goals. Moreover, implementing e-commerce solutions requires solid technological knowledge, experience, and the best consulting team.

Mortimer’s Blum team advisory skills regarding e-commerce platforms recommends the following solutions:

The Hybris platform uses accelerators with the world's best in-built technology and business practices with the following advantages:

  • Easy management.You can manage all of your information on the same page, as well as different businesses and suppliers on the same platform.
  • Easy personalization. You can personalize all of your services, navigation, etc. so that it tailors to yours and your customers' needs. You can change your payment options and processes.
  • Account management. B2B customers will be able to manage their accounts, as well as their orders. Studies show that nearly 80% of people will turn down offers unless 'personalized, which is why this might seem beneficial to you.
  • Open-source. SAP Hybris is an open-source technology written on Java, which can be edited within Spring Framework and integrated into any existing systems.
  • Customer management. When some websites have a high number of clients visiting, their servers 'cannot support it, and either the page or browser crashes. With SAP Hybris, your site will have adequate scaling and can support a high number of visitors.

Nemesis is our complementary tool. Thanks to its Hybris-like boldness, it can be leveraged to tackle similarly complex B2B projects. Nemesis was created to disrupt and bridge the gap between simpler open-source platforms and proprietary code behemoths, like Hybris. Built following the thought-leadership and best practices set by SAP Hybris and Magento’s likes, Nemesis emerged as the underdog taking the fight to the giants.

Due to its lightness – faster implementation times and boosted business-dedicated accelerators result in quicker market entries. Additionally, our partnership with Nemesis grants you extensive technical support. 

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