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IT business in Poland counts more than 100 000 people.

On flights to the GCC countries we often meet passengers who are carrying only small cabin luggage and diligently use their flight time to focus on their work.  They are often on their way to assist local companies in solving some kind of pressing problem, using their experience and references obtained. They often return to the region upon the recommendations of their clients.


More technology in business and life more means more experts are needed

Companies use thousands of advanced systems daily to implement business processes, collect and analyze data and support decision-making processes.

Corporate networks operate on all continents becoming an important element of the global economic infrastructure.

Information technology helps, but at the same time it becomes a challenge due to its level of complexity.


It is also quite a challenge to ensure integrity among hundreds of different applications. And every business enterprise is unique and requires an individual approach.

To ensure the availability of the system as well as IT services during the planning phase requires great resources on the part of the IT departments. New parallel technological platforms can also disturb the work of existing ones.

Dynamic changes in economic processes, new production technologies, as well as an even greater importance of data science and Artificial Intelligence explain the increase in demand for high-class specialists. The constant pressure of management boards who expect analytical data and complete sets of information delivered in real time, and stakeholders who demand transparency as well as a possibility to control and influence the organization all contribute to the new information environment. We are witnesses to the emergence of the “real time” economy, also known as the “on demand” economy.


These fast growing needs require access to cutting-edge technology and competence.

In this ongoing race a key role is played by specialists in the IT sector.

Mortimer Blum monitors the fast growing demands for high class IT professionals, which results also from the growing cloudisation of IT groups. This trend can be seen among all critical business applications.      

The new Cloud – or hybrid-cloud – based architecture generates new challenges for analysis and system maintenance, but at the same offers a theoretically unlimited scalability. This also generates new challenges in the area of IT security.

Clearly, it is impossible to have a permanent group of high level specialists in all areas in the organization.

In Eastern Europe the number of high level specialists reaches over 100,000 people. They have experience working in Europe, the US and Asia. 

Mortimer Blum is a company deeply rooted in the market of IT professionals.

Openness and credibility, co-operation in projects, contacts during workshops or seminars is what makes Mortimer Blum a unique hub of IT competence.


Our specialists (advanced staff) are ready to answer your needs. We are ready to undertake projects, provide solutions to specific problems, conduct analyses, offer opinions and support.


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